How to Buy Bitcoins Using a Credit Card
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How to Buy Bitcoins Using a Credit Card – 7 Places You Can Do It Safely

Credit Card Payment

Bitcoin is the digital currency of the century, and it’s gaining more popularity as time goes by. One way to buy some coins is through your credit card.

Unlike bank transfers, using a credit card will drastically cut the waiting time for your Bitcoins. This is in exchange for a higher transaction fee. Also, if something wrong happens, you can ask for chargebacks to have your money back.

In this article, I’ll show you 7 reputable online exchanges that provide Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. I chose them because they’re some of the safest options possible.


1. Coinbase

Coinbase - Homepage


Availability: Over 30 countries (including US, UK, and AU)

Needs Verification: YES

Purchase Limit: up to $10,000/week

Credit Card Fee: 3.99%

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: Instantly

Description: Coinbase is the best and largest Bitcoin exchange right now, especially if you live in 1st world countries like US, UK, AU or Singapore. If your country is not listed on their service, you can still use its other features such as the web wallet.

Also, you’ll be asked to provide some important documents for verification, which help increase your buying limit.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Sign up for a Coinbase account
  2. Verify your account through email
  3. Add in your phone number and verify it
  4. Provide a scanned ID or passport to verify identity
  5. Fill out your credit card information
  6. Decide how much Bitcoins to buy (you can buy in decimal amount)
  7. Click ‘Buy Bitcoin Instantly’


2. Coinmama

Coinmama - Homepage


Availability: 226 countries worldwide (with some exceptions)

Needs Verification: YES

Purchase Limit: $5,000/day or $20,000/month

Credit Card Fee: 5.00%

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: Instantly

Description: Coinmama is a better bet for those who can’t buy in Coinbase. It’s more likely that your country is covered by this exchange because it serves at least 226 countries worldwide.

Still, a handful of countries and US states cannot be served mainly due to government regulations.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Register for a Coinmama account
  2. Verify your email address by clicking the confirmation link
  3. Verify your account by uploading an ID or passport
  4. Once approved, choose the amount of Bitcoins to buy
  5. Specify the Bitcoin wallet address to send your funds
  6. If you don’t have a wallet, Coinmama will suggest
  7. Paste your unique BTC address and complete the payment
  8. Enter your credit card details and click ‘Pay Now’


3. CEX.IO - Homepage


Availability: Almost all countries (with some exceptions)

Needs Verification: YES

Purchase Limit: up to $10,000/day or $100,000/month

Credit Card Fee: 3.9% + $0.25 USD/EUR

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: 1 to 2 business days

Description: is based in London, UK, and was established in 2013. Like with most exchanges, some countries and US states aren’t allowed to buy Bitcoins from this company.

Furthermore, you have to pass long verification tests to upgrade your limits, which involve providing some personal details and document scans.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Register for an account using your email, or by logging in through Facebook or Google+
  2. Undergo 2-Factor Authentication with your smartphone by downloading ‘Google Authenticator’ from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  3. Inside your account, Click ‘Deposit’ and enter your credit card details
  4. Verify identity by uploading your ID card/passport
  5. Once verified, go to ‘Wallet’ and ‘Deposit’ some fiat money inside (i.e. USD or EUR)
  6. CEX will load your account with electronic money, which you can then use to buy Bitcoins
  7. Head over to ‘Buy/Sell’ and purchase your Bitcoins!


4. Bitstamp

Bitstamp - Homepage


Availability: EU-28, plus 58 countries

Needs Verification: YES

Purchase Limit: $5,000/day or $20,000/month (same with EUR)

Credit Card Fee: 5% to 8%

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: Instantly

Description: Bitstamp is a Bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg. It’s also a fast and secure way to get started with Bitcoins using a credit card (but expensive in fees).

The inconvenience with Bitstamp is when using credit card, your purchase amounts are only limited to six options: $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, and $5000. In Coinbase or Coinmama, you get to choose the amount you want (like $300 or $650).

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Open an account on Bitstamp
  2. Get your login details through email
  3. Once inside, head over to ‘Verify Account’
  4. Submit high-quality images of documents (such as national ID, passport or driver’s license) to get verified
  5. Once verified, go to ‘Buy/Sell’ and then choose ‘Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card’
  6. Select one from the available amounts: $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000
  7. Proceed with the checkout, which is handled by Simplex


5. BitPanda

BitPanda - Homepage


Availability: European countries only

Needs Verification: YES

Purchase Limit: up to 2,500 EUR/day or 75,000 EUR/month

Credit Card Fee: 5%

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: Instantly

Description: BitPanda (formerly Coinimal) is purely a Europe-based exchange, so US citizens have no way of using the platform. You should definitely try and buy Bitcoins from this platform if you’re from Europe.

Be prepared for a series of verification process before you can buy Bitcoins.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. ‘Sign Up’ for a BitPanda account
  2. Confirm your email by clicking the confirmation link in your email
  3. Verify your account through a 3-step process (Verification Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
  4. For Bronze, it involves entering your phone number and confirming using the code they’ll send to you
  5. For Silver, you need to enter your personal and address details
  6. For Verification Gold, you have to go on a live web chat with an employee to verify your identity. Just prepare your passport/ID card and a proof of residence (like utility bill or bank statement) to show to the agent
  7. Once verified, go to ‘Buy’ menu on the top then select Bitcoin -> Visa/MasterCard
  8. Proceed with checkout


6. VirWox

VirWox - Homepage


Availability: Worldwide!

Needs Verification: NO

Purchase Limit: 90 EUR/day or $270 EUR/month; up to 1,000 EUR/day or 10,000 EUR/month

Credit Card Fee: 0.35 EUR plus 3.4% fee (using PayPal)

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: Instantly

Description: VirWox stands for “Virtual World Exchange” and is a company that’s been around since 2007. It’s not purposefully designed for Bitcoin, but as a way to trade currencies in online 3D virtual games.

Although there’s no verification, you have to wait a fixed amount of time before your account level gets upgraded (hence increasing your limit).

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Create an account on VirWox
  2. At the left, click on ‘Deposit’ to see all the payment options
  3. You can choose from ‘Moneybookers’ or ‘PayPal’ when doing credit card payments (PayPal is better)
  4. If you have a PayPal account, just log in to your account for faster checkout. If not, then you can proceed as a guest (you have to fill out some details though)
  5. Once you have USD or EUR in your VirWox account, click on the left that says ‘USD/SLL’ (SLL stands for Second Life Linden). Choose the amount you want and click ‘Place Order’
  6. You’ll instantly have your SLL, which you can now use to buy Bitcoins. Head over to ‘BTC/SLL’ and determine how much Bitcoins you need.
  7. Your Bitcoins will be delivered instantly


7. 24/7 Exchange

247Exchange - Using Credit Card


Availability: Worldwide

Needs Verification: YES

Purchase Limit: Up to $3,000/day or $30,000/month (or more)

Credit Card Fee: N/A

Delivery Time of Bitcoins: Instantly

Description: 24/7 Exchange is a decent-looking website for securely buying Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with a credit card.

Your buying limit increases with time as long as you use your credit card regularly. And if you want, you can apply for a custom limit to go beyond what is stated in the website.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Click the ‘Buy’ button on the website
  2. Provide information such as country, currency to buy (Bitcoin), payment method, amount, email address, and Bitcoin address
  3. Enter your real first and last name to register
  4. Confirm your email, identity, address, and phone number by providing all required documents
  5. After which, verify your credit card by running a test payment
  6. To do this, just enter your credit card details, then confirm the purchase
  7. In the succeeding page, type in the amount that was deducted for test payment. This amount will automatically be returned to your credit card
  8. Once approved, head over to the ‘Orders’ tab to finish the payment and receive the Bitcoins instantly


Pick One Website Now and Test It

Unfortunately though, I have yet to make in-depth reviews of each of the exchanges. So you might want to do further research on these platforms. Also, feel free to explore other options not included in the list.

Once you know which platform fits your situation, start testing it out. Don’t spend large amounts in your first purchase as a safety precaution. Start increasing it only when you’re confident in the exchange you’re using.


Anyway, thanks for reading my Bitcoin buying guide using credit card. I’m open for suggestions and corrections in my post, so feel free to give some comments below.

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  1. Hello Dominic!

    I have a friend that used to buy bitcoins so I’m kind of familiar with them. However, I didn’t know the whole process that needs to be done in order to purchase some. Your post is very detailed even for someone who has never done this before, so congratulations for that. I will definitely show this post to my friend!

    1. Hey Antonis thanks for sharing your thoughts. Since I haven’t made an in-depth review of each exchange, I recommend doing more research before putting in real money to buy Bitcoins.

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